Terms & Conditions


All bookings made for 2023 onwards will be room only unless otherwise stated or informed. Breackfast at a surcharge will be available but this will be need to be booked in advance of arriving. You will be contacted re this prior to your arrival date.

All last minute cancellations follow the cancelation policy below, if covid related then in certain circumstances dates may be moved to another date in the current year provided that the full payment has been made for the current booking offiicial proof of covid will be needed. All cancelation will need to be done with a email, text or letter to ourselves a phone call or answer phone message will not be enough we need it in writing. This also applies to OTA’s as well.

Please check your travel insurance to see if you can claim, if you need confirmation of monies paid we are please to help

Terms and Conditions

Please Note To comply with legislation of July 2007 The Warwick is now a NON SMOKING establishment throughout, and has been fitted with regulatory fire alarm system, compliant with the new fire regulations of October 2006. Smoke detectors are in all bedrooms and public areas.

We would ask all smokers to refrain from smoking within in the building that includes the En-suites and toilets. Ashtrays are provided outside on the patio and ask smokers to please use these and not throw remains on the patio or the forecourt.We thank you for your cooperation and consideration to other guests. A surcharge of £100 as per most hotels will be levied on any guest(s) suspected of smoking in the building, or not declaring a smoker on the registration form: this will be paid by the guest(s) or the person responsible for the booking. This charge will be for the de-fumigation of the room or area contaminated, if the action is repeated they will be asked to leave without a refund. Any one suspected of taking or under the influence of illegal drugs, will be asked to leave without refund and information forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Eating and Drinking

All bookings are room only unless otherwise stated. Breakfast is available in the dining room situated on the ground floor. Breakfast is served in the dining room from 8.00 am till 9.00 am (except New Year).

Other times only by arrangement. No hot food is to be taken to be consumed in the bedrooms or lounge, the dining room is available for this use.

Arrival and Departure

We do not have 24hr-manned reception.

Rooms are available from 2.00 pm on the arrival date. Please inform us if you wish to check in earlier, this is possible but your room may not be ready till 2.00 pm, but will be prioritised. If you have not arrived by 4.00 pm and have not informed us that you intend to arrive later, then your room may be released and re sold. Arrival and check-in after 6.00 pm strictly by agreement only.  You are requested to vacate your room by 10.30 am on the day of departure. You can book a late checkout of 12.30 pm for a supplement of £10.00 per room, subject to availability. If you would like this facility please make sure you book this on your arrival. This facility will need to be paid for along with your balance.

Guests are requested to offer an expected time of arrival and keep The Warwick informed of any update or delay. If you have not given an expected time of arrival, or informed us of any delay then we cannot guarantee that anyone would be at The Warwick to meet you. You may be asked for a credit/debit card details to be held in the event of any breakages or violation of The Warwick’s terms and conditions.  Any supplements or balances due will be taken at check-in.


We regret that, with the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are allowed in building. Electrical appliances, such as toasters and mini cookers are not be used in the rooms as they could be a fire risk and set off the sensitive fire alarm system. Guests Irons are not allowed, we have Irons for your use along with hairdryers.

Accommodation at the Warwick is over three floors, ground floor is reception, dining room and the lounge. First and Second floor are all bedrooms and are accessed by stairs. We do not have any ground floor rooms. The lounge has a bar but we do not have a licence but you may bring your own alcohol drinks in if you wish, a communal fridge is located in the lounge.


We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover cancellations inside our cancellation policy.

Your Booking

Our cancelation policy is clearly stated on your OTA confirmation. Deposits are non-refundable equal to a one night’s stay.

All (O.T.A Or Direct Bookings) Cancelations require 14 full days’ notice to qualify for refund less one night cost per room, inside 14 days no refunds will be given.

Alterations to the booking can be made by telephone but will need to be confirmed via email or Text message (Administration charges may be applied).

If you arrive as a single sex multiple booking without agreement at The Warwick, you may be declined entrance when you arrive, and no refund will be given.

If you have not booked via the OTA’s Virtual card then the cost of your first night’s stay will be taken as a non-refundable deposit, the balance may be taken any time within 14 days of arrival. If the balance cannot be taken because of insufficient funds, or any other issue with your card, you will be notified to provide new valid card details, (administration charges may apply).

If you do not respond within 24hrs then The Warwick have the right to cancel your booking.

It is your responsibility to monitor any communication from your booking agent and to have given correct contact details so The Warwick can contact you, failure to do so will mean you do not get an opportunity to have confirmation of your check-in and receive any important changes relevant to your booking.

Your Room

OTA Bookings are placed in standard non en-suite rooms (located on the 2nd floor) you will have been sent a text from The Warwick and/or a message over the OTA’s messaging system giving you an opportunity to upgrade to an en-suite room for a supplement. It is your responsibility to contact The Warwick a.s.a.p. If you wish to upgrade your room.

Rooms are booked on an occupancy basis; you may find that although you have booked a double room, you could be placed into a Family room, this will have an extra single bed. You may use this bed but if you do, there would be a surcharge for doing so.

All rooms are non-smoking including e-cigarettes.

If there is something broken or not working in your room on arrival it is your responsibility to inform reception.


If you have booked through a OTA then you must first contact them regarding canceling your booking.

All deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel or change your reservations, please do so up to 14 Days 10.00 am GMT, prior to day of arrival. this can be done by Text or email, a telephone call or answer phone message is not accepted as a valid cancellation, your booking is only confirmed cancelled when you receive an email, Text or letter in reply to your request .If you cancel a guaranteed reservation without giving 14 Days written notice, you will be charged 100% of the booking per room booked. Cancellation of a confirmed booking inside 14 Days 10.00 am GMT written will mean 100% of the balance will be taken.

At our discretion we may move a booking to an alternative date but a adminitration charge of no more than £25 will be charged.

Notice of confirmation of cancellation will be given within 24 hours, and should be retained as proof of cancellation.  If you have booked for consecutive nights and need to cancel a consecutive night(s) you must do so prior to the start of your stay, otherwise you may be still charged, a administration charge of £10 will be due

Weekend bookings need 14 days clear notice to cancel or change otherwise full payment will be due.

Group or multiple room bookings will need to give 28 clear days notice of a cancellation and will then only loose the deposit on each room cancelled. The lead name who made the booking for multiple rooms, will be responsible for the whole of the cost of the rooms booked, unless the other room members give their details and Credit/Debit card details for their room.

Online Bookings: Full Payment maybe taken when booking is made. ROOM ONLY DEALS ARE AN ADVANCE PURCHASE AND NOT TRANSFERABLE TO A THIRD PARTY AND CHARGED AT A 100% CANCELATION. NO MONEY IS REFUNDABLE. Upgrades are available at extra cost payable locally  


We will confirm your booking by issuing a confirmation  e-mail or text.  This  should be checked carefully as soon as it is received. Contact us immediately if any information, which appears on the confirmation, or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later.

You may make reservations up to one year in advance. Your room is reserved up to 4.00pm on the arrival date unless you inform us otherwise.   If you are likely to arrive after 4.00pm you must inform us before 4.00pm on your arrival date. You can guarantee a reservation by paying the relevant deposit for the booking by a credit/debit card at the time of booking. Balances may be paid anytime prior to arrival either by debit/credit card Bank transfer or Cash,

Payments made through the Warwick’s booking system will take a first nights deposit, the ballace may be taken anytime after this. If they system rejects the payment because a lack of funds then a admin charge of £10 per try on the system till the payment is made will be applied to the booking, this will need to be paid before you can stay.

Other than credit/debit cards,& Cash only BACS payments are accepted, but confirmation will only be sent out once these have been received and cleared.  Details of valid credit/ debit card will need to be held along side this for the booking to be guaranteed. If a credit/debit card expires before the start of the reservation then it is the cardholder’s responsibility to contact us with the new card details. Failure to do so may lead to the reservation being cancelled and the room(s) being re sold. The Warwick will make every effort to contact you before this action being taken.  

If you do not guarantee your reservation or inform us of an arrival time after 4.00pm, The Warwick may offer your room to another guest after 4.00 pm.

All reservations incur a deposit per room, which is non refundable. Weekend bookings are for a minimum of 2 nights, unless agreed otherwise at the time of booking.

One night bookings will be asked for full payment at time of booking which will also be equal to the deposit and in some cases a surcharge may be applied. Guests who our part of a group, may be asked for a credit/debit card imprint, this is to cover costs in the event of damage/loss/or for security for other purchases made during their stay, unless the agent who made the booking is taking responsibility.


The Warwick accepts payment by cash; credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard),. If you are paying for your stay with cash you will need to provide a proof of ID when checking in. Acceptable forms of ID are a current driving license, ID card, passport, credit/debit card, utility bill/bank statement (with address). Credit/debit card details will need to be held if paying by cash.

Outstanding balances are to be paid upon arrival at the time of registration. Online booking must bring the card used and pay any balance with the card via chip & pin or have it validated with a charge of £1 taken off via chip & pin and the balance in cash. 

Single persons staying may be asked to pay the room rate. On completion of the stay as a single occupancy the difference will be refunded. Should an additional person stay in the room, the room rate will be applied, if not taken on arrival this will be taken of the card details held.

Group or multiple room bookings and conference delegates may be asked to pay the balance of their booking 14 or 28 days prior to arrival.

Behaviour & Responsibility

The person who makes the booking accepts financial responsibility for any damages or loss caused by themselves or any member of their party if those responsible are not available to pay. This includes smoking or spillage of food / drink, breakages in the room, use unauthorised/unpaid use of spare beds, bed wetting * in the room. Any damages must be notified to a member of staff and entered in to the log book. A decision will be made by checkout time if any excess payment is due.  Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid direct at the time if asked for. If damage or loss is not declared at the time of check out, any costs will be charged to your credit/debit card if possible, or an invoice for the cost will be sent to you. NO ELECTRICAL appliances are to be brought into the room and used such as fridges, microwaves, heaters, fans etc. If medical equipment is needed to be plugged in this must seek prior consent from the staff before use. Use of such equipment not sanctioned by The Warwick in advance may lead to you being asked to leave the property with no refund and a charge being maid if damage has occured.

We reserve the right to evict guests for unsociable, inappropriate behaviour, which includes excessive noise, smoking, the taking of illegal substances and excessive drunkenness. We operate a zero tolerance on verbal and physical violence and abuse to any guest or member of staff, not only will those perpetrating such acts be asked to leave, and the police called.  

Car Parking

Car parking is not guaranteed. There are a limited number of car parking spaces and these are allocated on a first come basis. Guests leave their cars at their own risk. Guests are asked to ensure that cars are parked within the guide lines and it is guest’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle(s) do not encroach onto the pavement; if they do The Warwick will not accept any liability from parking tickets issued or fines being imposed. By parking on the forecourt the owner accepts that staff of The Warwick may need to move their cars to let other guest out, and by parking accept this practice.

*Costs of bedwetting can be considerable, it is a min of £100. If the mattress is wet then this would need to be sanitised and dried, this could take several days to dry and the room may need to be taken out of service for this to happen, you will be charged for those days on top of the initial cost, if the mattress is badly stained and this cannot be removed then you will be charged the cost of a new mattress.